'Gods of Silence' which was former 'KIRK' was founded in the 90th.


In the lineup with Thomi Rauch (vocals), Sammy Lasagni (guitars), Daniel Pfister (bass), Bruno Berger (keys) and Vito Cecere (drums) the band released its first album 'The Final Dance' in the year 2003 which. It was distributed in Europe by Point-Music. Also in Japan the album was highly recommended by the local press and was also listed in the import charts of the renowned Kerrang Magazine.

Due to the enthusiastic reviews the band played alot of shows and tours throughout Switzerland. Also the band played as supporting act for bands like 'Doro', 'Pink Cream 69', 'Axxis' and 'Shakra' where the good live qualities were highly noted by the fans.


When drummer Vito Cecere left the band due to health problems the band decided to have a break so the band members could have more time with their different side projects. The result of this were several worldwide released albums, tours and shows on open air festivals with band like 'Godiva', 'Dr. Crankenstein', 'In Your Face' and 'Decent Desaster'.


In 2009 the band was reunited again and with drummer Philipp Eichenberger from 'Legenda Aurea' a real master of drums joined the band. New songs were written over the next few months and at the end of 2010 the band was back in the studio under the guidance of the wellknown producer Dennis Ward who already acted as producer of the former album of the band.
With the new album 'Masquerade' the band set its muscial level even one pitch higher and the sound became faster and harder.


After a long search the band could finally sign a deal with the famous metal label 'Mausoleum'.


The album release was in early 2014 and again the reviews across Europe and US were outstanding.
In march 2014 the band was on tour across Italy, Switzerland and Germany as supporting act with 'The Poodles' from Sweden. 


Due to musical differences singer Thomi Rauch left the band in 2016. Soon afterwards a new singer was found with Gilbi Meléndez. 
With a new frontman the band decided to also look for a new name and finally renamed its brand from 'KIRK' to 'Gods of Silence'.
In 2016 the band was back in the studio again with Dennis Ward as a producer and recorded the new album.


In April 2017 the band had a breakthrough finally signing a deal with the
record label 'ROAR! (Rock Of Angels Records)' .
On 9th of September the album 'Neverland' was finally released in Europe and Overseas.
In September Gods of Silence started with a series of shows in Switzerland as a rehearsal for the planned shows and the tour in Europe in 2018.


The new album is planned to be released in 2017.